Nancy Robinson Studio


Nancy Robinson Studio


Nancy Ingamells Robinson

Nancy has painted since she was young, taking time out to raise a family, work as a nurse and in related positions as an RN. Along the way, she took classes and workshops from Jade Fon and Mike Barnes at DVC through those with Arne Westerman, Skip Lawrence, Sherry-Kwint-Cattache, Tesia Blackburn, Alex Powers, Katherine Liu, to name a few. She has always favored the human form in all of it's eccentricities and finds she connects with the model. She feels there is nothing more beautiful than the human form. Currently she is connecting the figure with the abstract. Nancy says she works pretty intuitively having collected a lot of skills through years of just painting. She lets the brush direct her, leaving the rational mind out of it. Painting is fun for her and she hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoyed creating it.

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